Sunday, 6 January 2013

Artist spotlight

Hello guys,

today's post will be dedicated to a most wonderful creepy artist we deeply adore -  Abigail Larson, who also used to be known under the nickname Mirrorcradle. At just 24 she has already partaken at many exhibitions, had her work featured in various publications and illustrated a children's book, "Sarah Faire and the House at the End of the World". She's also a very beautiful lady!

Ms. Larson has an extremely unique style, her greatest artistic influences being "Arthur Rackham, John William Waterhouse, and Edward Gorey", she mixes digital and traditional techniques in her work. Her subjects are very diverse and include monsters under the bed, ghosts, fairy-tale characters and even famous writers! See for yourself:

You can see more of her beautiful creations on her website and Deviantart profile, as well as buy them here.

The photo is from Ms. Larson's official website,  all the pictures are from her Deviantart gallery.

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